Made in America with 100% Guarantee

We are so proud to say that we are made in America. We work with local companies to produce all of our parts. Our corners and connectors are manufactured by a family owned company in Southern California. The corners and connectors are anodized by a local company in Los Angeles. Our flat panels are made for us by a local metal supplier in southern california. Our flat panels are slotted and formed by a family owned company in Chino California. The storage bags are made for us by a family owned company in Fullerton California. The material for the bags are made by a family owned business on the east coast. Our boxes are made for us by a family owned business in southern california.

We understand the importance of supply side economics and the effect it has on a community. We all take pride in the products we produce. We know that we can make our product in China or India for a lot less. We refuse to do that. We are told it's just business, get with the times or be priced out of the market. We are proud to be a part of employing American families and American workers.

So to everyone that has purchased or will purchase our products, thank you from each and everyone of us.


100% Guaranteed

All Wrap-N-GUARD Chafer Stands & Windguards come with a 100% guarantee against manufacturing defects.

If you ever have an issue with any of our products, just send it back and we will either fix it or replace it.

It's that simple! we back what we make.

What is not covored: just damage due to any abuse or misuse. We think that's reasonable.



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Don't Let Wind Blow The Flame Out Of Your Party!

Wrap-N-Guard Windproof, Collapsible Chafer Stands & Windguards truly enhance the look, feel and functionality of your serving line.    

Never wrap in foil again!


Wrap-N-Guard Chafer Stands truly enhance the look, feel and functionality of your serving line. Never wrap in foil again!


Four Water Pans & a Quad


Talk about space savings? 4 water pans and a quad chafer stand stored inside the water pan. No other chafers work like Wrap-N-Guards!


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