Wrap-n-Guard's Story

The Wrap N Guard Story

          In November 2003 we started a new catering company in Southern California called Four Brothers BBQ & Catering. (Yes, there are four brothers and four sisters) We specialized in large outdoor on-site events. At our first event we had sixteen chafing dishes set-up. We lit them early so they would be hot in plenty of time. Then the winds kicked-up to a pace that prevented the flames from hitting the chafing dishes, thus preventing proper holding and serving temperatures. We panicked, and for a temporary solution, we put some foil around to block the wind. It was ok, but not very professional. The serving line looked terrible all wrapped in foil. I told my wife “ that will never happen to us again, never”.

The need for a windguard

          After searching the internet and every local restaurant supply store in southern California for a piece of equipment that would solve our problem, we had no luck. We found a cloth unit, but we determined it was a very temporary fix to what would be an ongoing problem. They would need washed and pressed after every event, would fade and become worn looking in a very short period of time. That was not a good solution for us. My wife said there is no way that she was going to wash and press each cloth wrap after each event. It was just too much additional work.

          After striking out in our search we decided to go to our friend’s metal shop to design and make a more permanent solution. After three designs we had our problem solved. A one piece three sided unit that blocked the wind, held in the heat, enhanced the look of our serving line. Equally important, they provided a safety barrier from little hands and wind blowing paper products into the flames. However, there was another problem, they were real heavy and took up a lot of extra space. We had not calculated all the extra storage space we would need because one piece units did not store easily. As caterers we are always thinking about space. Where will the new equipment fit in the trucks, or where will we store them without damaging them? We wanted to keep our equipment looking nice. After all, our equipment did represent our company.

          Several of our friends that were caterers had seen our serving lines and asked us if they too could get a few units. In the process, we discovered that all of us had different chafing dishes makes and sizes. So getting one windguard to fit all of our chafers was too difficult. Some had legs that stuck out. Some had larger handles etc…

         At just about every event we had another caterer or restaurant owner would ask where we purchased the units. They could see the benefits of the equipment, but each company needed a different sized unit. It was then that we set out to make an adjustable unit that would fit all makes and models of full sized chafing dishes and would knock down to fit back inside the chafing dish for easy storage. After multiple designs and a lot of expense,  we finally produced the Wrap-N-Guard corner. The corner was the key to make the product collapsible.  We thought we had won the lotto. Our new windguard solved so many of our problems.

The need for a collapsible windproof chafing dish  

          As the years went on and we continued to grow our business, the size of the events we were catering for were getting larger and larger. We began to recognize a few new issues were taking place. We were sending out an additional truck just for the chafing dishes and a few other odds and ends. Don’t get me wrong, we were happy with the growth, but we are constantly assessing how we can provide the same service and quality and cut our expenses. The expense of fuel, vehicles, employees, taxes, insurance etc... just kept going up. We thought that if we had a chafer stand that could break down and require a lot less space we could save a lot of money.

          At first we didn’t realize that we already had the ability because of our corner. With the WRAP-N-GUARD corner all we had to do was to develop the stand. We needed to keep the canned fuel lit with enough air to perform well, while preventing wind from being able to blow it out. It seemed like a simple task, well it wasn’t so simple, we either had too much air or not enough air. After multiple designs we had figured it out. We were able to produce a collapsible chafer stand that looked great, enhanced chafer safety, kept food hotter. We found that it performed well indoors and outdoors. We could put 4 chafers, stands, pans and lids in less space than one traditional full size chafing dish. Once again we felt like we had hit the loto.

Well here we are 10 years later and once again we are embarking onto a whole new food service industry first, Modular Multi Units. The Multi-unit chafers and multi-unit windguards have just cut down on space requirements again.

Out of necessity comes invention.

We know our products will work for you like they have worked for us.

All the best,


RAKK Industries

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Don't Let Wind Blow The Flame Out Of Your Party!

Wrap-N-Guard Windproof, Collapsible Chafer Stands & Windguards truly enhance the look, feel and functionality of your serving line.    

Never wrap in foil again!


Wrap-N-Guard Chafer Stands truly enhance the look, feel and functionality of your serving line. Never wrap in foil again!


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Talk about space savings? 4 water pans and a quad chafer stand stored inside the water pan. No other chafers work like Wrap-N-Guards!


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